This video explains the use of "have" and "has" in a sentence.

This video explains noun in a simple way. Children can understand noun without stress. With this, children will be able to understand more about a noun.

Contractions with “have” and “has” is well explained in this lesson. This lesson also explains how to use have and has appropriately.

This lesson explains singular and plural nouns in a simple way. It also provide the rules regarding pluralization of nouns.

Using “have and has” (Part 3).

This lesson explained “have” and “has” verb tenses. It gave explanation on how “have” and “has” is important in making the “perfect tense

Types of nouns (Part 1)

This lesson introduces the types of nouns and gives a sound explanation on proper nouns.

Types of nouns (Part 2). Common nouns.

After going through this lesson, learners will understand the concept of common nouns. The lesson was also explained in a simple way, so that learners can also give more examples of common nouns. 

Types of nouns (part 3) Collective nouns

This lesson explains collective nouns to learners. It uses different examples that learners can use in understanding collective nouns easily.

Types of nouns (part 4).

This lesson will help in understanding concrete, abstract and compound nouns. Visit for more educational videos.

Types of nouns (part 5).

This lesson will help in understanding  countable and uncountable nouns. Visit for more educational videos.